Denstoj Rocker Retainer Clips for 4G63 Mitsubishi Engine (Evo 4-9) Pressed Rockers

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Rocker retainer clips made of high carbon steel and heat treated.


16x Denstoj 4G63 Rocker Retainer Clips

MAKE: Mitsubishi
MODEL: Evolution 4-9

These are a must for any Evo engine build.

No machining or change to pivots is required with our clips on the 4G63 engine. A direct fit.

Cast Rocker Arms are replaceable with Pressed Metal Rocker Arms  

Our rocker retainer clips have been designed for the Evo 4-9 4G63 engines which have pressed metal rocker arms. They will also fit any of the Mitsubishi engines below if they are upgraded with the same pressed metal rocker arms.

If the engine has cast rocker arms they must be upgraded to the pressed metal rocker arms. The lash adjusters will accept our retainer clip.

The pressed metal rocker arm details are:

Mitsubishi OEM Rocker Arm for 1G/2G DSM & Evo 8/9 4G63 Part Number: MD375091

The pressed metal rocker arms work in the following engines:

Mitsubishi 1990-1999 6-Bolt & 7-Bolt 4G63 Engines
Mitsubishi 3000GT & Dodge Stealth VR4 6G72
Mitsubishi 6G74 DOHC model Engine

Please note. Install at your own risk. Clips must be installed correctly as to not place any load on the clip except under preventative circumstances where the rockers are unloaded.


Will these handle 1000+ horsepower? Yes. They’re running in a world-time attack winning Evo and drag cars.

Will they work with GSC cams? Yes. They will work with all aftermarket camshafts including GSC.

Will these handle 10,000 RPM? Yes. As long as you're not experiencing serious underlying valve float issues.

The price is a little high just for clips, don't you think? We understand that at first glance, the clips might seem expensive. When compared to the potential costs of a rocker dropping and destroying your engine, they're well worth the investment for peace of mind when revving. We've designed our clips specifically for the 4G63 from high carbon steel and they're also heat treated to withstand the temps within the valvetrain. 


4G63 Testimonial Screenshot

Critical Fitment Setup

Q: Can you install the clips without removing the camshafts?
We recommend removing the camshafts when installing our clips as it's much easier and you risk breaking clips.

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