Best Upgrades for FA20 Subaru Engine (Toyota 86)

Recommended FA20 Engine Upgrades

Upgrades we recommend:

1. Our rocker retainer kit (of course)

2. Sump baffle

Either the Moroso Oil Pan Baffle or GReddy.

3. Engine oil cooler.

HKS or Greddy.

Checks to do when rebuilding your FA20:

1. Rebuild the oil pump or replace the timing case if you are able to afford it.
While you’re cleaning the RTV, make sure all lubrication holes and galleries are clear. Otherwise, RTV can block oil flow and starve bearings. 

2. Whenever removing the timing case ensure to check the oil pressure relief valve which is inside the oil pump housing is functioning properly. It can often become jammed from metal debris.

Question: Do you recommend upgrading the springs when installing the rocker retainer kit?

Answer: We do not suggest changing the springs if they are the new blue springs. If they are the older, green springs then it is worth replacing. If you're chasing big power, only then would I change the springs to aftermarket. Otherwise, there is no point adding additional wear to the valvetrain with uprated spring pressure.