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Denstoj Rocker Retainer Kit for G16E-GTS Toyota Engine (GR Yaris & GR Corolla)

Denstoj Rocker Retainer Kit for G16E-GTS Toyota Engine (GR Yaris & GR Corolla)

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Improve the reliability of your Toyota G16E-GTS engine and rev with peace of mind! 

Drop-in replacements for hydraulic lash adjusters (13750-70020) that include a retaining groove for a clip to attach to the rocker. This adds a security mechanism if the rocker loses spring pressure due to a valve float/bounce/stick situation.

When the G16E-GTS first came out, we inspected the valvetrain and knew it would be a weak point. The rockers are floating, and we had experienced failures with a similar rocker setup in the FA20 engines in the Toyota 86 (which we have subsequently fixed). With the buzz around the GR Yaris, we started development on our rocker retainer solution, specific to the G16E-GTS engine. 

The best solutions are simple. It's a clip that attaches to the rocker and a groove in the hydraulic lash adjuster that 'catches' the rocker if the valve spring loses pressure for a split-second due to a valve float situation.

If you haven't seen this solution before, it's actually quite common. More expensive performance engines such as the B58 BMW engine in the Supra and Lexus' flagship 2UR-GSE 5.0-litre V8 in the LC500 and RC F run rocker retainers. It's important to know that this is not a fix for valve float; instead, it adds a security mechanism to reduce the chance of a rocker dislodging if the valve spring loses pressure for a split-second due to a valve float situation.

It's a no-brainer preventive measure when building a high-performance engine. These should be stock on every engine Toyota makes.

Why Choose Our Rocker Retainer Kit?

Engine rebuilds can cost thousands of dollars, often ranging between $5,000 to $10,000, depending on the extent of the damage. Parts alone, such as pistons, valves, gaskets, can add up quickly. Our Rocker Retainer Kit, is a fraction of that cost and offers peace of mind by preventing a potential catastrophic failure that could leads to an expensive rebuild. 

Protect your investment and drive with confidence knowing your engine is safeguarded.

If you aren't 100% satisfied with your purchase, we'll provide you a refund within 30 days of receiving your rocker retainers.


  • 12x Denstoj Hydraulic Lash Adjusters (Billet alloy steel and heat-treated)
  • 12x Denstoj Rocker Retainers Clips (High carbon steel and heat-treated)


Vehicle: Toyota
Model: Yaris GR (XP210), Corolla GR (GZEA14)
Engine: G16E-GTS


Drop-in replacements for OEM hydraulic lash adjusters (Part Number: 13750-70020).

There is no change required to the OEM rocker arm (Part Number: 13801-25010).


It is easiest to remove the camshafts to install. Be careful not to misplace any of the valve caps ontop of the valve stem when installing and that the tappet cover seals and gaskets are re-installed, otherwise the rockers may suffer from oil loss.

For hydraulic lash adjusters, no shimming is necessary as they adjust under oil pressure to maintain proper clearance.

Please note, install at your own risk. Clips must be installed correctly so as to not place any load on the clip except under preventative circumstances where the rockers are unloaded.

Although they are OEM drop-in, whenever valavetrain work is being done, clearances must be set for your specific engine.

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We've designed a clip to hold the rocker in place when the valve spring becomes unloaded.

The clip is made from high carbon steel and heat treated for durability.


To do this, we've modified the design of the hydraulic lash adjuster so that it has a groove for the clip to attach to.

In normal operation, the groove is wide enough so that the clip clears the HLA, however if the rocker tries to dislodge it is caught by the wider part of the groove.

The HLA is made from billet alloy steel and heat treated for durability.


Combined, the rocker arm is held secure in the valvetrain. There are no changes to the rocker arm.


  • OEM Drop In

  • Prevent a Costly Rebuild

  • Peace of Mind for Street & Track

Customer Reviews

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Super Great product & Super Great customer service

I highly recommend this product for your beloved GR Yaris/ GR Corolla!!! It is highly recommended to upgrade the OEM parts to this product in case you want to modify your engine or you intend to use your car on circuit also.
Thank you Denstoj for your super great customer service!!!
I live in Stockholm, Sweden and I have received the shipment in super great condition!!!
I look forward to buy other products from you Denstoj!!!


Why would I install these?

To stop a rocker arm from dislodging and destroying your engine under a valve float/bounce/stick situation.

How likely is this to occur?

It's difficult to predict engine reliability, as no engine is flawless, especially the highly strung 3-cylinder in your GR Yaris/Corolla. For instance, oiling issues may not affect every user, but they are a potential concern when you're modifying your engine to increase power. Naturally, the more you enhance the power and drive spiritedly, especially at higher RPMs, the greater the risk of engine component failure, such as a rocker dropping. By installing our kit, you're adding an extra layer of reliability and peace of mind to your engine.

Do these work with the OEM rockers?

Yes. There is no change to the rocker arms.

Are they compatible with Kelford springs and camshafts?

Yes. They are drop-in replacements for the OEM hydraulic lash adjusters and work with both the OEM springs and camshafts and aftermarket ones such as Kelford and GSC. A great time to install them is when you're already doing other valvetrain work.

Do you also recommend upgrading the valve springs?

If you’re raising the rev-limit above the factory specification or increasing boost pressure, yes, we also recommend upgrading the valve springs. However, if you’re planning to keep it mainly stock, you’re better off using the original valve springs. This is so that you’re not adding unnecessary load to the valvetrain.

Can I install your rocker retainers without removing the camshafts?

It's possible, and we've done it, but we'd recommend dropping the timing. It's easier.

To install your rocker retainers, how long does it take and does the whole engine have to come out?

The engine doesn't need to come out. We would recommend dropping the timing to install, so set aside around 4 hours.

Will these handle 600+ horsepower?

Yes. For example, they are running in Fensport Performance's 600hp GR Yaris.

Do you ship to the United States?

Yes! We ship worldwide with Australia Post, DHL and FedEx. Head to checkout for pricing. 

Feel free to ask any questions 👇