Why Rocker Retainers?

FA/FB Engine Drops Rockers and Destroys the Engine

“Wish I knew about this sooner…

I found out the hard way...I started my Toyota 86, heard some sound...didn't think of it much and then on my 12 min drive to my appointment, i noticed smoke and a trail of oil... FML.

I just had it rebuilt, 2014 engine with 17+ valvetrain parts and upgraded non-beehive springs.  But it still fell off. Literally, 5.8k kilometres and this happened…

I mean if you are OK with taking the risk then go for it, but for less than $1000, I rather have peace of mind.

This is a no brainer investment.”

 - One of our customers before they knew about our FA20 Rocker Retainers. 

Who's Running Rocker Retainers?

See how people like you have improved the reliability of their engines with our Rocker Retainer Kit

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