Fitting Instructions for Rocker Retainer Kit on FA and FB Subaru Engine

Subaru FA20 Lash Specifications:
Inlet 0.10 - 0.16 mm
Exhaust 0.21 - 0.27 mm
I normally setup:
Inlet 0.152 mm (0.06")
Exhaust 0.254 mm (0.10")
I prefer to run on the looser side of lash for proper valve seating. This ensures a proper valve seal and cooling. However, as long as it is within spec, it should be fine.
  1. Check clearances before removing original rockers and pivots.
  2. Remove rockers by pushing them to the side (they will fall-off).
  3. Remove pivots
  4. Install new pivots
  5. Install rockers
  6. Check clearances
  7. Install clips

For a complete video explanation see here:

Note: When fitting the clips to the pivot they must be tight on the rocker, especially at the bottom of the pivot. This is so that in the normal range of motion of the rocker the clip doesn't contact the the pivot.

For a video explanation specifically explaining the clip fitment, please watch this video: