Rocker Retainer Kit for FA and FB Subaru/Toyota Engine

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Do you want peace of mind and reliability for your FA or FB engine? 

Every 3rd-gen Subaru engine needs these!

Are you sick of your 86, BRZ or FR-S engine blowing up? 

We are!

It took three blown engines before realising it wasn’t a coincidence.

We have discovered that the FA & FB engines have a flaw in the valve rocker design. The rocker arm can separate from the valve assembly after a valve sticks or bounces. Once this occurs the separated rocker arm becomes a projectile inside the engine. 

As soon as the rocker finds a camshaft lobe there is a seriously high chance (note, almost certain) that it will be blown through the engine. So we created a fix by retaining the rocker arms with a clip.

This is a MUST for any Toyota 86 or any Subaru with a third-gen FA or FB engine.

We have worked with an engine performance machine shop with 25 years+ of experience manufacturing valvetrain gear to develop bespoke drop-in pivots that will outperform the OEM ones. 


16x Denstoj Bespoke Drop-in Pivots
16x Denstoj Bespoke Pivot Spring Retainers.

ENGINE: All 3rd Generation Subaru Engines FA/FB

Example Vehicles
Toyota, Subaru, Scion
YEAR: 2012-Present 

Who's running Rocker Retainers?

Our kits are now installed in over 100 vehicles. See how people like you have improved the reliability of their engines with our Rocker Retainer Kit here.


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Fitting Instructions

See this page on our website here.

Want the installation done for you?

Get the experts who designed the Rocker Retainer Kit to install it for you. All you have to do is drop your car or engine off!

For full details see Install FA & FB Denstoj Rocker Retainer Kit in Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ

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